Amateur+Girl Contest

Jam format – 3 minutes, 5 riders.
Top 10 riders will compete in the Am Final.
Top 5 qualify to compete in the Pro contest.

Pro Contest

Jam Format – 10 Minutes, 5 riders (Introduction trick)
Top 5 Battle – Head to Head, last man standing.

Every rider needs to wear a helmet to compete.


Winners will be determined by overall impression and their performance throughout the entirety of the contest. A competitor’s tricks from any round will be considered when determining the final standings. Judging is based on the following criteria; in order of importance.


When judging preliminary rounds of competition, a competitors potential should also be taken into consideration. A competitor that is blading conservatively, but consistently or a competitor that attempts difficult tricks and displays the potential for landing them should be considered when determining competitors to advance.


Difficulty can be applied to a stunt, line or a single technical trick. Rollerblading comes in many forms but difficulty is the first determining factor. Tricks on obstacles that no one else touches, technical combinations that have never been landed before or a long line of difficult tricks are key. When comparing difficulty, the deciding factor should be the overall danger of a trick or tricks.
Difficult tricks that are not landed cleanly are penalized accordingly.


Style encompasses both individual style and overall confidence on rollerblades. Individual style is not possible without the perception of confidence on rollerblades. The competitor must be perceived as confident and effortless when performing tricks. Individual style stems from the ability to perform tricks in ways that are completely unique to the competitor. Confidence and individual style on difficult tricks are an unbeatable combination.
Competitors that lack style or confidence on difficult or creative tricks are penalized accordingly.


Creativity encompasses both obstacle and trick selection. Course obstacles are limited. Competitors that discover new uses or creative tricks on overlooked obstacles are rewarded. On popular obstacles, trick selection is key. New or creative tricks that stand out from numerous other tricks performed by other competitors are rewarded.
Competitors that perform tricks on obstacles that are discovered by other competitors do not receive the same reward.
Competitors that perform the same trick on an obstacle that is discovered by another competitor are severely penalized.